Kristen (Solar Specialist)

The LRC hair care line is a fine tuned alchemical masterpiece. The products are natural and organic so I feel comfortable using them on my hair and skin. I use the moisture shampoo regularly and if I feel intermittent build up I will use the cleanse shampoo. The Potion is saving my ends and allowing me to go longer between trims. I have grown several inches of thick glossy natural brunette hair due to probably this one product alone. The Potion is thick and a tiny amount goes a very long way making it a cost effective and crucial product in my repertoire. I also use the Shake and Go which is a lovely detangler/moisturizer/heat protectant. I believe this is also preventing those damaging split ends and allowing me to get the long hair I desired for so many years. I set my finished look with Bling for high shine and added moisture. It smells outrageously good but not overpowering and contains jojoba which is closest to the skins natural sebum profile. This is the most intelligent oil to add to any shine spray because it will not make the hair look greasy. Jojoba absorbs readily into the hair platelets while still protecting the hair shaft. I’ve done my homework on hair products and I’m highly selective. This line is the one that has all my other bottles collecting dust under the sink. If you are lucky enough to either live in LA or visit, book an appointment with Lawrence Ray. He is a master of his craft and his products speak volumes about his dedication to the science and art form of hair care.

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