The LRC hair care line is a fine tuned alchemical masterpiece. The products are natural and organic so I feel comfortable using them on my hair and skin. I use the moisture shampoo regularly and if I feel intermittent build up I will use the cleanse shampoo. The Potion is saving my ends and allowing me to go longer between trims. I have grown several inches of thick glossy natural brunette hair due to probably this one product alone. The Potion is thick and a tiny amount goes a very long way making it a cost effective and crucial product in my repertoire. I also use the Shake and Go which is a lovely detangler/moisturizer/heat protectant. I believe this is also preventing those damaging split ends and allowing me to get the long hair I desired for so many years. I set my finished look with Bling for high shine and added moisture. It smells outrageously good but not overpowering and contains jojoba which is closest to the skins natural sebum profile. This is the most intelligent oil to add to any shine spray because it will not make the hair look greasy. Jojoba absorbs readily into the hair platelets while still protecting the hair shaft. I’ve done my homework on hair products and I’m highly selective. This line is the one that has all my other bottles collecting dust under the sink. If you are lucky enough to either live in LA or visit, book an appointment with Lawrence Ray. He is a master of his craft and his products speak volumes about his dedication to the science and art form of hair care.

-   Kristen (Solar Specialist)

Omg! I just got my package, just opened and used it! shake and go! I was bit skeptical about this product because I have highly textured coils and curls (Very tight with minimal to no definition of curls) . I sprayed the shake and go on my hair, this melted away my tangles! 😉 I’m so amazed, This is an underrated product, the performance as a detangler for me is outstanding! Please continue to make it product. I only wish it was super accessible on the east coast (NYC).

-   Erika (New York City, New York)

I don’t know what magical ingredients are in your hair products but they are amazing! I could tell that there was lots of REAL peppermint oil which was wonderfully refreshing. The detangling ability was the best I’ve used. So nice to be able to comb all the way through my hair. I can hardly wait to try on daughters hair which is super thick and long. But the best part of the trial was that my hair has stopped breaking!!!! I am so happy but extremely puzzled. Goes to show I’ve been using JUNK on my hair for most of my adult life. Needless to say that when I run out, I will be placing an order. THANK YOU so much for sharing these products with me. They have saved my hair. 

-   Jane W. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Since I started using LRC Products my hair has never been more luscious and full.

-   Beth Chapman (Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dog & Beth: On the Hunt)

LRC has changed the life of my hair & scalp. I started using The Potion a few months ago and my ‘chronic psoriasis’ is gone . Nothing has ever worked or felt so good, and my hair has never looked better!

-   Royya Sardari (LA Independent Writing and Editing Professional)

I purchased your products and immediately began using them upon my arrival at home. Love! Love! Love! them . I have been in the profession for 30+ years and you have definitely hit the mark. I am constantly searching for a better product that will deliver what it says. I believe I am home. I am trulyimpressed with the performance of my customer’s hair after using this product. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

-   Patsy McCoy (Head Hair Stylist & Barber Instructor, Headquarters Hair Command II in North Carolina)

Absolutely no hair care product comes close to LRC – and I’ve tried them all!

-   Legendary DJ Spinderella (Salt n Pepa)

Nothing makes a woman feel more confident and sexy than having a beautifully coifed hairstyle. My favorite LRC products include Potion, Bling, Polish as well as the moisturizing shampoos. I not only use them on my hair in between appointments, but I also use LRC products on my daughters’ hair to keep it healthy and well-moisturized. For a career woman like myself always on the go, my hair remains one of the most important characteristics of my style. It’s usually one of the first things people notice about me and always leaves a lasting impression. So , LRC products are in my life to stay!

-   Doniel Sutton (Client, Senior Director Human Resources / Global Risk Management)

I especially love this hair care line because it’s Natural & Organic , so its good for you! It’s a line and system that works together to create incredible shine, strength, and moisture. Your hair will look amazing!!

-   Jamie Krell (Beauty Expert: Extra, Today Show, KTLA)

I LOVE this product! I have always had the hair that you fix in the morning and hours later looks straggly and horrible. I never got any compliments. Since I have been using this product, my hair looks good all day, has volume and shine, and even my color holds longer . And… I am getting compliments! It is even better now that I can quickly and easily order it on line! Thank you LRC!

-   Julie Trepagnier (LRC Customer)

Top notch service and top notch products.

-   Tahir Davis (Account Executive and soon to be Newbie LRC Distributor)

It’s important that the products I use don’t overload and weigh my hair down. LRC products clean and shine but also leave the oomph in my hair.
The scents are gentle, natural. I’m a fan of the LRC line and the genius hair guy who produces them!

-   Denise Nicholas (Seasoned Actress)

Well, first of all… I need more Shake and go! SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY….. this is the BEST product for my hair that I have EVER found… and I’m totally addicted to it! Every time I use it I “have a good hair day” MAGIC!

-   Christy Lee (Client)

The use of [the LRC] product line, my hair continued to grow and flourish while wearing the full-head, sew-in weave. And now, just three and a half months after installing the hair, we were delighted to see my bald spot has grown back, completely, evenly, and thick upon removing the install.

-   Karrine Steffans (NY Times Best-Selling Author& Health enthusiast)

I’m very pleased to say I really enjoyed the product line. I ventured out and flat ironed my hair, YES! Flat-iron. I was so pleased with the results, so amazed by the smooth elegant smell the products had. It felt as if I was in a Caribbean Oasis. The textures of the products were silky to touch. I was so shocked I was able to do a twist out without a twisting cream; we naturals reach for to get that perfect twist out. Overall the Hair Care System was a delight for me and my natural hair. I will to continue to use the products. The Shake & Go and The Potion have been enlisted into my staple products .

-   Keli B. (Natural Hair, Beauty & Fashion YouTube Vlogger)

This was my first time using “The Potion” and I was blown away at how soft my hair felt after while applying and after use…And for all my girls with4C hair, you know how it is to have your hair so soft and all you want to do is play in it . Well, that’s exactly what it felt like. While sitting there waiting to rinse, I could feel this tingle on my scalp. You know that feeling that something is really working… It was the Peppermint and Spearmint in the ingredients and it felt so good on the scalp.

This is a product is AMAZING!!! And one that will stay in my routine for a while. A protein conditioner that I could detangle with, make my hair feel so soft and the finished product just gave me super bouncy and full hair! I LOVE IT!!!!

-   Jana’e (Blogger:

I absolutely love LRC products (my sons do too). I LOVE these products! If I didn’t, I’d tell y’all and stuff.

-   WhoisSugar (Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger)

I have been using the Lawrence Ray Concepts line of products, my hair LOVES his conditioner The Potion. The Potion remains one of my fave conditioners!

-   Afrobella (Beauty, Hair, and Culture Blogger)

Celebrity Hair Stylist Felecia Leatherwood, uses Lawrence-Ray Concepts Leave-in Conditioner on celebrities Jill Scott & Teyonah Parris to seal in moisture, strengthen their hair, and control the frizz . LRC’s Leave-in Conditioner is also a thermal protector.

-   Felicia Leatherwood (Global Inspirational Beauty Speaker)

I wanted something to condition my hair and instantly locked my little Bambi eyes on the “Shake & Go” Leave-in Detangling Spray . I loved that the bottle was a spray bottle and the fragrance was to delish. I love a soft scent for my curls sometimes. It’s always nice when people tell your how good your hair smells! Secret love potion ;P

Fluffly, loose, flexible, heavenly scented and heavily moisturized curls! I highly recommend trying LRC if you’re looking for lighter products and prefer environmentally conscious brands. My favourite products from the line are the Shake & Go and the Potion Advanced Protein Conditioner.

-   Rene Daniella (Blogger:

Mega Bounce and Body’s Potion, Shake & Go, and the Leave-In are AH MAZING!!! The Shake & Go and the Leave-In smell AH MAZING!!! The Potion – Deep Conditioning treatment, the Shake & Go, and the Leave-In) did the trick! My hair feels so much better… strengthened! My hair is so soft…wastangle-free after rinsing the deep conditioner, and again it smells AH MAZING!!! I’m so shocked that 5 days later my hair is still looking AND feeling so good ! You’ve got to try the LRC conditioning line! The “Potion” deep conditioning treatment, Leave-in, and the Shake & Go; that trio is AH MAZING!!!

-   Kinky Curly Beauty (21+ Years Licensed Cosmetologist Natural Hair YouTube Vlogger)

Shake & Go is another one of those products that really speaks for itself. It can be used as a leave-in, detangler, curl refresher, and miracle worker. Enriched with aloe, jojoba, silk aminos, and keratin, it most definitely conditions and nourishes the hair. I absolutely adore Shake & Go, and much in the same vein as the Mystique Frizz Control Cream, I tend to let pictures do the talking. I tried Shake & Go for the first time on a dry, dirty, frizz-prone, tangled, and rough section of my hair. This was my result:

My jaw hit the floor. I couldn’t believe this elixir could have such a profound effect on my old, tired hair…this stuff is AMAZING!!!!

-   Christina Patrice (The Mane Objective blog, writer for Black Girl with Long Hair and

My favorites from the line are the Complete Cleanse Shampoo and the Leave-In Conditioner. I need Lawrence to make the leave-in as a fragrance because it smells divine and I would be the first in line to buy it. The products are very moisturizing which I need as the weather continues to drop. Plus, I’m just returning from a quick jaunt to Key Biscayne and frequent dips into the pool has made my hair less than supple. I plan to use Lawrence-Ray’s products to help whip my hair back and forth into shape.

-   Julia Coney (Blogger:

LRC Lawrence Ray Concepts technicians were busy taking care of the men’s hair grooming needs, rubbing in specially blended humectants onto the hair. This company is going to break out big time . Trust me on this one.

-   Eugenia Wright (Columnist/Publicist)

Many more reviews from LRC from Lisa Leslie (WNBA BasketBall Star), Nicole Murphy (Hollywood Exes), Debra Lee (Chairman & CEO BET Network), Judge Greg Mathis & Family, Ernestine Cruz (Wealth Guru), Shaunie O’Neal and Family (BasketBall Wives), Olivia (G-Unit, Love & Hip Hop), El Debarge (Recording Artist)..…
the list goes on and on with Barbers & Stylists worldwide sharing our Healthy Hair Care System with their Salons/Clients!!

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